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Welcome to a world of Foodservice innovation...

We have all heard this ".....pictures say a thousand words...."

Modern day people read less and observe pictures more...so let us expand your view then....

Cooking | Freezing | Chilling | Storing | Pouring | Cutting | Portioning
......its all about eating and drinking and having fun making food while you make some money.

juicy burger freezing

chilling Storing

Pouring cutting


BrandsAt Innovation Foodservice Worx we import, distribute and manufacture a wide range of Foodservice products and equipment.
Designed for optimum performance, time saving and energy savings.
Our products are not always the lowest in price, but they assist you to serve more clients in less time, improve your food quality and improve your profitability.

"Innovation is the only way to win"

Innovation = Growth

Think OUTSIDE the box

Mike's Idea

UBrew Coffee

Soil Friends

For more details contact the Innovation Foodservice Worx Team today.
Office Number: 087 195 0707

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