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  Sometime new ideas are born from need instead of creativity...

"Creativity in life is about saying yes to new ideas" - Nolan Bushnell

What happens when a group of passionate food and drink people come together and re-look the way things are being done in the Food and Hospitality industry...
Well I guess nothing except some talking… in normal cases a couple of glasses of wine and something to eat…

When we got together we found there was a lot more to do than just talking...and a few glasses of good wine.

The industry as we felt had lost its course of direction. Things where no longer about the passion, enjoyment and quality of food.
It has all become economics and more and more of the food and hospitality industry today is held by a number of key players that control the market and dictate what we have available in the foodservice market.
When you travel abroad and return from your trip you often end up telling your friends over a drink about the amazing things you saw overseas....the irony is that al;l those things you saw there is actually available to come to South Africa....IF someone or a company took the time to introduce is here....so from this idea Innovation Foodservice Worx was born.....

So who are we then...?

Innovation Foodservice Worx (Pty) Ltd is a group of passionate foodservice people that have eliminated the pitfalls and stumble blocks in certain segments of the hospitality industry with basic foodservice solutions.

We have taken these ideas and developed it into tangible cost effective solutions to improve your business' profitability, efficiency and improved food quality.
Making your service more effective, reducing waste and giving your customers what they want when they want it.

We have embraced technology and formulated our solutions around proven and tested international processes and procedures to leapfrog into a new and innovative food frontier.

Commercial products and services include:

Sodaworx SodaWorx - our new revolution in the Soda Industry....
Finally Soda Freedom...Our New SodaWorx program will open new business posibilities...

UBake UBake Baking Solution is on of our 1st innovations....

Your business is unique so why not bake products on site that you create in your kitchen which shows your uniqueness.
Our easy to use products, simple in design, very profitable and so uniquely you...read here more about UBake Products.

UBrew Coffee ..UBrew Coffee Solution....

Coffee is a major part in any Foodservice business. Consumers in countries enjoy coffee their own way. Take Italy and Espresso, the USA and their double shot long Cappuccino's...South Africa has it's own pallette so we made a coffee for South Africa...read more about our UBrew blend.

Contract Roasting Services:

Contract Roasting You can now have your own commercial coffee blend. If you are a Franchise, Hotel or Coffee Fundi we also offer a "Contract coffee and Own Brand roasting service" where we will assist you to design you own coffee blend to fit in with your budget. Some factors to consider are the minimum production batch 250 kilograms, the price is subject to the raw coffee quality and price of the selected coffee origin, packaging size; normally 1 Kg bag with Aroma Valve packed in 10 or 6 Kg boxes..

Our Master Coffee Blenders and Roasters have 120 Years combined history in the South African coffee market...what more do you need for your own commercial coffee bland and range?

Our elaborate business plan and process....

For more details contact the Innovation Foodservice Worx Team today.
Office Number: 087 195 0707

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