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Coffee Solutions for low volume requirements

Innovation Foodservice Worx (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive importer & distributor of the Melitta HoReCa coffee range
(Hotel Restaurant and Catering).
We also distribute the Melitta CAFFEO® range of small coffee machines.

Melitta CAFFEO® Barista TS offers fully automatic one touch Cappuccino drinks preparation.

E75 Display
Select any one of 4 coffee drink selections on the CAFFEO® Barista's Touch & Slide display panel:
-Americano/Cafe Crema
-Milk Froth / Warm Milk
-Hot Water
.... or select one of our 18 pre-programmed hot beverages in the menu list
Melitta SOHO

2 YEAR / 15000 Cycle Warranty

Hygienic Milk System

2 Types of Coffee Beans
model depending

Automatic Coffee preparation

Lean and Modern Designs

Unique Touch and Slide Panel - CAFFEO® Barista TS

 Melitta CAFFEO® Solo  Melitta CAFFEO® Solo Perfect Milk  Melitta CAFFEO® CI  Melitta CAFFEO® Basrista TS
 E95 Solo P Milk  Caffeo CI  E75
 Coffee Only  Coffee Only with Manual Milk  One Touch Cappuccino preparation
manual bean selector 2 Hoppers
 One Touch Cappuccino preparation
automatic bean selector 2 hoppers
     Can prepare Rooibos® espresso  Can prepare Rooibos® espresso
 240V, Water Tank  240V, Water Tank  240V, Water Tank  240V, Water Tank

For more details about the Melitta CAFFEO® range of coffee machines or any of our other Office Coffee solutions contact the Innovation Foodservice Worx Team today.
Office Number: 087 195 0707

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