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Consumable product Range:

The IFSW range of consumable products is developed to improve product quality, give you a stable foundation from where you can add your own creative genius.

  • ... our Muffin premix is batched so there is no waste...you bake enough fresh muffins each time ,
  • ... our Cake premixes makes enough sponge for a 26cm cake...ice and decorate and voila fresh cake
  • ... our Swiss Roll premix makes enough batter to bake a favourite classic and we have the pans too....

    At Innovation Foodservice Worx we understand the needs of our clients and the importance to be creative and have your own Identity....

    Office Coffee Consumables    UBake Premixes Ubake Premixes - Muffins, Scones, Cake etc   UBrew Just Coffee UBrew Coffee & Contract Roasting   Melitta Professional Coffee Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions GmbH - Coffee Beans

    Our equipment product ranges offer a variety of Foodservice and Catering solutions
    The nuts and bolts make the operation....
  • Down time loses money and makes for unhappy clients
  • Speed improves service and turn those needed bums in seats
  • Hygiene keeps us on the straight and narrow

    Our equipment address these needs and you benefit from that.

    Office Coffee Office Coffee    Melitta SOHO   Bianchi Vending   Bianchi Vending

    Traditional Coffee Machines   Traditional Coffee machines   Coffee Grinders

    Melitta PCS Automatic Coffee machines   Melitta PCS   Melitta PCS

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