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Server manufacture a range of HoReCa dispensing products

Server is a leading global provider of market-driven dispensing solutions for the foodservice industry.
Our deep understanding of operator challenges and unmatched expertise in engineering allow us to deliver time- and money-saving innovations.

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Item # 05550 Mix-N-Serve Butter Dispenser
Compact, warming dispenser continually stirs to keep product uniform throughout the day and transfers labor from the cook line to the wait station. Ideal for drawn butter, hot chocolate and other foods that should be continuously stirred. Holds 5½ quarts.
Item # 80105 Beverage Station - 700ml SweetStation
Increase speed of service with preset portions of creamers, sugar & sweeteners.3 x 700ml sweetener/sugar dispensers neatly display and serve preset portions of granular sweeteners equal to common portion packs. Unit displayed in a compact Stainless Steel stand to form a complete, efficient beverage station.A thermoelectric (solid-state) chiller is extremely energy efficient. The chilled discharge tube makes it NSF Listed for potentially hazardous food, including dairy (NSF Standard 18 & 20). The stainless steel pump is preset to dispense a 8ml - 29 ml (adjustable in 4ml increments) per stroke.
Item # 87100 InSeason -Spread Pattern - Salt & Seasoning Dispenser
Quickly, deliver perfect portions of granular seasonings with an InSeason™ salt and seasoning dispenser. Dispensing measured portions helps ensure consistent flavor in menu items and promotes nutritional accuracy. The wide cone spread pattern is designed for large area applications like a fry bin. Single hand operation speeds workflow.
Supplied with 3 Color coded portion triggers: Black 1/4 tsp (1.23 mL), Blue 1/3 tsp (1.64 mL) and Green 1/2 tsp (2.46 mL) *NSF

Item # TBC Bottle & Jug Organizers - WireWise™
Save countertop space with tiered racking for bottles and jugs. WireWise™ tiered organizers provide great space savings for several commercial sized food containers. Their attractive, wire-frame design is lightweight yet durable and includes (4) non-skid feet.
Item # 82020 #10 Can Pump, Solution Style
This durable polycarbonate pump is designed for dispensing directly from a #10 can or stainless steel jar with a 2.8 Lt capacity. Solution™ pumps are quite versatile in their ability to dispense a variety of thick, thin and even products with particulates. Unlike most plastic pumps, the Solution™ style pumps offer adjustable portion control, can be disassembled, are dishwasher safe and NSF listed.
A 30 mL serving is the maximum portion per stroke. Portions can be reduced 7 ml increments, using the supplied gauging collars.
Item # 86090 Food Warmer for 1/3-Size Pan (5.7lt), IntelliServ™
This countertop food warmer with digital temperature control allows you to quickly warm a 1/3-size pan (5.7Lt) of sauce in a small footprint. IntelliServ food warmers provide instant feedback of the heat setting and status and insures accurate holding of delicate sauces or toppings. Passes NSF Rethermalization requirements for food warming equipment. Use with GN 1/3 Inserts or 2 x 1/6 Inserts with Pumps.

Item # 86258 1/3-Pan Chiller - 230v
This countertop chiller will keep your toppings or ingredients cold and handy. It is designed to cool up to a 1/3-size gastronorm pan, 150 mm deep with a 5.7 L capacity. (Or 2 x GN1/6-size pans, 3 x GN1/9-size pans) A double walled plastic hinged lid provides quick access to pans or jars within.Thermoelectric chillers have no compressor, offer big space savings and consume very little energy. This type of cooling method consistently holds product below 5° C. The internal temperature is displayed on a digital readout for easy monitoring.
Item # 88780 Quad, 2L SlimLine Dry Dispenser
Display and dispense preset portions of 4 candies, toppings or mix-ins in less than 32cm of wall space with SlimLine™ Dry Food Dispensers.
Designed for side-by-side mounting to create any size flavor station you need. Available in 1, 2 , 3 and 4 dispenser brackets.
Portion sizes include: 14.5ml, 21ml, 29ml, 43ml (by volume)
2 Lt capacity - copolyester dispenser is BPA-free.
Item # 85130 Portion Pack Organizer, 7 Bins
Organize portion packs, sweeteners, seasonings and stir straws in 7 storage bins
Item # 87610 1.9lt Fountain Jar Pump 30-60ml
Model depending dispense between 30 ml and 60 ml of thick and particulate products from 1 1.9 lt fountain jar (purchased separately).
Models with a 60 ml maximum stroke are ideal for improving back-of-house efficiency for menu items that require larger portions like smoothies and dipping sauces. The 60 ml portion size can be reduced to serve 52, 44 or 37 ml by using the supplied portion reduction collars.
Item # SY-X 854580 Syrup Server, 5.67 Lt
Warm and dispense pancake syrup, apple cider, mulled wine at a thin sauce with a Syrup Server. Temperature sensing thermostat turns the heating element on or off as needed. Available in 5.6 or 11.5lt capacities. The Syrup Server is constructed of stainless steel. The product vessel and lift-off lid are also stainless steel. A traditional spigot style faucet is of durable black plastic. Its compact design takes up a minimal amount of counter space with a 5.6lt capacity.
Item # 86045 Frothing Milk Chiller 1.9lt
The Milk/Dairy Chiller is designed with thermoelectric technology to consistently hold up to 1.9 L of milk or cream below 5° C. This advanced cooling method operates quietly and is extremely efficient; drawing only 1 Amp. The Dairy Chiller is used in conjunction with an espresso machine with an auto-frother attachment. Chilled Milk froths better and because it is kept chilled reduces waste. Robust Stainless Steel construction and clear see thru lid.
Item # 80101 SweetStation™ Dispenser - Quad 700ml
InSweeten™ dispensers neatly display and serve preset portions of granular sugar or sugar alternatives for an efficient beverage add-in station - SweetStation™. Available as a Triple or Quad Dispenser Unit is either 400ml or 700ml units.
The lightweight, wall-mounted rack securely holds 4 or 3 dispensers (300ml or 700ml) in place for single-handed operation.
Color-coded flavor decals and portion triggers make brand identification quick and easy.
Item # 85541 Tiered Topping Rail, 2xGN 1/9-Jars 1.2lt
This ultimate space saver holds two toppings in just 13cm of linear space. Its narrow width is ideal for combining multiples in whatever space you have available for a neat, compact station.
Item # 07125 Express Systems, Stainless Steel Shrouds
Pouch sauce dispenser dispenser. Dispense sauces & liquid direct from a 6 lt pouch.
1)Particulates Sauces;
Tartar Sauce, Thousand Island Dressing,
2)Thick Sauces;
Ketchup, Mustard. Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing, Barbeque 3)Thin Sauces;
Fountain Syrups, Liquor, Hot Sauce, Balsamic Vinegar, Soy Sauce

Certain Server items carry a 2 Year Warranty
As indicated some items are BPA Free
All server products are NSF certified
Server products are proudly manufactured in the USA


ConserveWell holders are an environmentally friendly method of rinsing and protecting serving utensils against bacteria growth while saving water, energy and money.
Direct replacements drop-into exsisting dipper well cutouts and wall/surface mounted models address additional needs.
Both styles are available with a countdown timer to help ensure timely water changes or if unnecessary, without timer.
ConserveWells are heated above 60ºC to protect against bacteria growth.
For more details about the benefits and usage read about the innovative new product on the Server Products site.


Dry Food Dispensers / Toppings Dispensers

Toppings are a costly additive to any menu item.
Without accurate portioning food cost can easily run away from your profitability.
Knowing your staff are dispensing the correct amount of toppings accounted for, not only saves you money,
but it also ensures the customers are getting what they paid for.
A win-win situation for you and your clients.
Server Products Topping Dispensers are portion controlled, easy to use and consistent in portioning.

Call the Innovation Foodservice Team to day and let us help you get a handle on your toppings….

For more details contact us on IFSW Web Request

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