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UBake UBake!

Just like we say....UBake!

Coffee&MuffinLemon & Poppy All MuffinsChoc Chip

The concept idea here is to provide you with the complete essentials pack needed to bake a product such as:

  • Muffin Premix see our range of Muffins and how you can adapt them for your creativity.... Included the muffin cups for baking
  • Scone Premix (launching in July 2017)
  • Red Velvet Cake Premix (launching in July 2017)
  • Sponge Chocolate and Vanilla Premix (launching in July 2017)
  • American Chocolate Brownies (August 2017)
  • Cup Cakes (next to follow)
  • Petit Red Velvet Cup Cakes etc... (next to follow)

    All you do is add the wet ingredients you already have in your store... Cooking Oil (Sun Flower or Palm Oil), Eggs, Water or milk (depending on the product)
    Follow the basic step by step guide and you'll be baking in no time.

    The Benefits of using UBake Premix Products:
  • Consistent product quality with your creative flair
  • Reduced cost with improved gross profit margin
  • Shelf Stable - store in your dry store - save on freezer space!
  • Improved product quality, appearance and freshness
  • Reduced waste
  • Easy to use, double batch if you need more stock...
  • Halaal Certified , Kosher Milk

    UBake Muffin Premix Range:

    Read more detyails about the range on the UBake Muffins page.

    Here is a brief outline about the UBake Muffin range. We made it so easy we have even included the basic Jumbo Muffin cups to bake your own range of signature innovation muffins! Delux muffin cups are available on request at a small upcharge.
    Our UBake muffin range tastes authentic and fresh and YOU'RE the star at baking them!
    What's even better is that you can ADD your own touch of brilliance to our basic premix and produce a range of muffins with very little fuss that is as unique
    as your store and no one will know your secret but you....

    Our current UBake Muffin Range includes:

     UB-LM001  Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffin Premix (Lemon and Poppy seeds supplied)
     UB-CC001  Chocolate Chip Muffin Premix (Chocolate Chips supplied)
     UB-UC001  UCreate Miffin Premix (Plain so you can add your creative genius and be the star...)
     UB-MC001  Mocha & Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix (Coffee extract & Chocolate Chips supplied)
     UB-DCC001  Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix (Cacao and Chocolate Chips supplied)
     UB-BB001  Bran Muffin Mix (No raisins - you can add them as you like, not all customers eat them)
     UB-BN001  Bran & Almond Nut Muffin Mix (You can add grated carrots - Carrot & Nut Muffins, pineapple etc...)
     UB-CD001   Decadent Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix (Rich and very taste Chocolate Muffin with Chocolate chips...)
      UB-BLB01   Blue Berry Muffin Mix The good old Classic Available from July 2017

    Our Minimum shipping is any 6 of the above cartons packed in a master outer box.

    Ubake Box

    UBake Muffin Premix - A Small box on the shelf with Big profits in the Till!
    We have tested each and every UBake product in our range of Unox ovens.

    The essential bakery tools needed are also available from us.
    We supply a comprehensive range of bakery accessories too.

  • Baking pans or baking sheets for your commercial oven 400x600 or full GN1/1 ovens
  • Industrial Portion Scales
  • Whisks, spatulas etc we have them all...
  • Ovens and Proovers

    Feel free to contact us should you require any additional information or advice on the UBake products or Unox ovens and accessories.


    Unox Line.Miss Ovens and Proovers

    Unox Line.MIss
    The Unox Line.Miss range of ovens.
    A basic range of ovens that offers you the full flexibility of programming temperature, time and steam in up to 4 steps (Including PreHeat) to match your bakery needs.
    Ideal for the coffee shop and small hotel where you need to bake and cater for your customers and guests.
    Small oven with low electrical requirements so you can bake smaller batches front of house producing fresher product during the course of service and the day.
    Nothing smells as good as a fresh croissant or baguette coming out of our Line.Miss oven and nothing sells as well either...

    Line.Miss Range includes:
  • Electrical Ovens
  • Proovers
  • Matching stands and cooling trays
  • Unox Baker.Top Ovens and Proovers

    Unox Baket Top oven range
    If you need more production and better control over your baked and cooked product the Unox BakerTop with Mind.Maps technology is your ideal partner.
    Baket Top ovens use standard baking sheet size trays 400 x 600 mm and there is a full aray of trays available.
    From non stick pastry baking trays to innovative Baguette shape baking trays.
    The Baker.Top is your ideal energy efficient baking partner.

    Baker.Top Range includes:
  • Electrical Ovens
  • Proovers
  • Matching stands and cooling trays
  • For more details contact us on IFSW Web Request

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