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UBrew Cappuccino!

IFSW UBrew Cappuccino!!
Our blend was created as a 100% Arabica coffee blend to be enjoyed in your favourite cappuccino or Latte.
It’s an affordably priced blend that gives you a good coffee pure and simple, originating from Central America and Africa, this coffee is a beautiful start to the day!
The blend is a full bodied roast, with the beautiful flavours of brown sugars, sweet berries and roasted malts in your morning cappuccino fix.
Unbelievable, unbeatable uncompromising and affordable coffee to enjoy. Morning, day and night...

Hospitality Pack
One Case 10 x 1 Kg Coffee R 2,166.00 Per case of 10 Kilograms
(R216.60 Including VAT per Kg)
Call us today for commercial hospitality coffee beans and no frills
(Minimum is 1 case of 10 x 1Kg Door to Door delivery)

SOHO (Small office Home Office Coffee supply)
(Minimum order to ship free of charge - 5 x 1 Kilogram @ R 1,140.00 Including VAT and shipping)

We provide a cost effective coffee solution.
We dont charge for Extras, No Bells or Whistles just real Unbelievable, Unreal good value for money in the cup
100% Arabica coffee beans!! No Robusta in our Cappuccino blend….
No fancy cups, No fancy buying models….Just Good Coffee!!

If you need a coffee machine we have an outright purchase or an Operational Rental procurement model available.
(Subject to terms and conditions.)

Read more about the equipment solutions we offer:
  • Melitta SOHOAutomatic Small Office Coffee & Cappuccino Machines
  • Traditional Coffee machines Traditional Coffee Machines and Grinders
  • Bianchi Vending Office Coffee and Self Service Vending Coffee Machines
  • Melitta PCS Commercial Super Automatic Coffee machines

    A little history and general information about coffee...

     Kaldi Dance

    The World of coffee has come some long long ways since the goat herder Kaldi discovered the powers of coffee beans.Coffee has travelled the face of the old and the new world to arrive at this point in time, where it is the 3rd largest commodity traded on earth today.
    Climate & Geographic location - Coffee and Wine

    Coffee shares many similarities with the geographical and climatic influences in wine, and as the result you’ll find yearly and even season fluctuations in coffee from the same region and farm.
    Global climatic changes, rainfall and other natural climate factors affect the coffee crop each year. Manmade influences also affect global climate factors such as de-forestation, water extraction out of river systems, Carbon gas emissions, waste generated and recovered etc. All these factors have an effect on the climate and therefor also on crops including coffee. These conditions change the flavours and aromas in the coffee...
    Coffee World
    Beating around the Beans

    There are two main coffee types, each with its own pros and cons: Arabica and Robusta. Once roasted they look identical, but the taste is dramatically and significantly different. Arabica tends to be grown at higher altitudes and in shade-grown locations, and, produce a sweeter, softer tasting coffee when compared to their Robusta cousins. Robusta tends to be used in the creation of instant coffee, but they are also used within the specialty coffee industry to add flavour depth and body to subtler tasting Arabica cousin.

    Coffee tastes origins
    Single Origins Vs Blends...
    The source area from where coffee is grown and supplied is referred to as an Origin. There has also been a move towards “Single Origin” coffee in recent years.
    That is where only coffee from a single farm or Origin is used to produce the roasted coffee.
    This way the exact taste and flavour profile of the beans from this area is captured in the roast. Varying roasting levels will develop different characteristics in the coffee.
    Some coffee purists feel this is the way to go and experience “real coffee” but the questions remains are you drinking coffee for enjoyment or a scientific analysis?

    Straight Up shot - to experience the raw un spoilt essence of coffee you’ll need to get back to basics. A double shot espresso no sugar or milk, just Coffee and filtered water. Blend or Single origin this is coffee unadulterated pure.

    Producing a blend of coffee as the first instance is relatively easy for a Master Blender, but reproducing the same flavour profile and tasting blend takes years of skill and understanding of the various Origins of coffee. Master Blenders have gained the skill and experience in this field. Their work is to eliminate natures changes in beans and attempt to produce a similar tasting profile again and again.

      Micro-Lots Coffee
    When you understand the amount of work and attention that goes into producing "Classic" coffee beans for the market, then the processes on a farm and via the value chain is even more complex when it comes to producing handpicked and meticulously cared for and grown Micro Lot coffee beans.
    The patch of soil in the farm gets better sunlight, the soil has perfect organic composition for the coffee trees, and receive enough water and cool air during the season. These coffee beans are perfect in every way.

    Micro Lot

    Micro-lot coffee resembles the pick of the crop raw coffee from a particular farm. These are handpicked and selected from the general crop and is sold as Mico-lots and there is nothing micro about the price…. Yes, you pay a lot for these green beans and then they are micro roasted and sold singularly. Understand the quality of coffee is directly proportionate to its grade and quality You pay for what you get… Micro Lot coffees are the best and the price reflects this too. When you are able to source or even buy a pound or 1/2 pound of Micro Lot coffee know this you are getting the best that origin has to offer.
    Certifications and What they mean
    There are a number of certifications most pertinent to coffee and the coffee industry. We have seen some of these symbols on the coffee we buy, but what do they mean…..

    Rain Forest Rainforest Alliance
    The Rainforest Alliance aims to conserve some of the most threatened area on the planet through the promotion of sustainable farming, business and living practises.
    All products accredited by the Rainforest Alliance are grown in regions where biodiversity is promoted and workers are paid a fair wage.

    Forest Coffee FT


    The Fairtrade mark means that the produce meets a rigorous set of internationally agreed trading standards that ensure workers receive just remunerations for their work, but also that no child or forced labour has been used at any point in the production chain. Fair income for fair work provided...
    Fair TradeFairtrade Logo

    Soil Association

    The Soil Association Certification signifies that a product has been farmed organically to such a standard that it far surpasses any current legislation.
    All Organic labelled coffee has been cultivated without the use of any artificial chemical additives and is grown naturally. Just like nature intended.
    Soil AssocSoil Ass Logo

    Soil EarthSoil Food
    Human Ripple effect
    Many of us do not always think about this.
    The fact of the matter is our continued existence as a specie on earth has a lot to do with what we do today. Our actions today will affect those after us, our children and their children.
    We all work each day, we have to commute to and from work, and enjoy meals and beverages out of home.
    By virtue of our consumption we affect our surroundings and therefore we should re-look how we consume goods and services.
  • Food; what these items are packed in how we dispose of the left over packaging,
  • the source from where the food and drinks we consume come, and
  • what care was taken in its distribution,
  • what it is packed in and
  • how recyclable the packaging etc is after we enjoyed our meal.

    Our aim should be to Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle as much as we can thereby be reducing our carbon footprint as a whole and improving our own and that for others.

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