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Sometime new ideas are born from need instead of creativity…

Innovation Foodservice Worx (Pty) Ltd is a group of passionate foodservice people that have eliminated the pitfalls and stumble blocks in certain segments of the hospitality industry with basic foodservice solutions.

We have taken these ideas and developed it into tangible cost effective solutions to improve your business’ profitability, efficiency and improved food quality.
Making your service more effective, reducing waste and giving your customers what they want when they want it.

We have embraced technology and formulated our solutions around proven and tested international processes and procedures to leapfrog into a new and innovative food frontier.

Innovation Foodservice Worx

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According to the NCA, there’s a growing love for espresso-based drinks in the USA. Of everyone who drank espresso-based drinks last year, they went for:

33 %
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28 %
Cold Brew

Innovate your foodservice business today...

Innovation Foodservice Worx

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