Luigi Bormioli – Thermic Glass Coffee On the Go – 350ml (single unit)


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Luigi Bormioli Thermic is Borosilicate glass is a material highly resistant to thermal shock and dishwasher safe. Its chemical composition maintains unadulterated the level of acidity of any liquid or food contained. The vacuum area between the two walls allows for thermal insulation and prevent condensation on the outer surface. As a result, the temperature of hot liquid or food is maintained for longer than that of other materials such as porcelain or ceramic. The same is applicable for cold liquids and food, the desired temperature is maintained for longer preventing the “sweating” effect on the table and hands.


– Innovative, elegant and functional design

– Double wall borosilicate glass

– Hand Made – Mouth-blown, hand made products exclusive to Luigi Bormioli

– Thermal shock resistant

– Microwave and dishwasher safe

– Maintain the temperature of both drinks and food hot and cold

– Maintain unadulterated the level of acidity of liquid/food contained

– Prevent condensation on the outer surface

– Made in Italy

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