Server manufacture a range of HoReCa dispensing products
Server is a leading global provider of market-driven dispensing solutions for the foodservice industry.
Our deep understanding of operator challenges and unmatched expertise in engineering allow us to deliver time- and money-saving innovations.


ConserveWell holders are an environmentally friendly method of rinsing and protecting serving utensils against bacteria growth while saving water, energy and money.
Direct replacements drop-into exsisting dipper well cutouts and wall/surface mounted models address additional needs.
Both styles are available with a countdown timer to help ensure timely water changes or if unnecessary, without timer.
ConserveWells are heated above 60ºC to protect against bacteria growth.
For more details about the benefits and usage read about the innovative new product on the Server Products site.

Dry Food Dispensers / Toppings Dispensers

Toppings are a costly additive to any menu item.
Without accurate portioning food cost can easily run away from your profitability.
Knowing your staff are dispensing the correct amount of toppings accounted for, not only saves you money,
but it also ensures the customers are getting what they paid for.
A win-win situation for you and your clients.
Server Products Topping Dispensers are portion controlled, easy to use and consistent in portioning.

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