Innovation Foodservice Worx (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive importer and distributor of Silex GmbH range
of High speed grills, Waffle Bakers and High Speed Plant frying equipment in Southern Africa.

It's just logic to have a Silex in the fast moving kitchen


Effective equipment doesnt mean large in foot print, but large in performance!

Welcome to a world of speed....a world of fast cooking.... a world of efficiency

Benefits of Silex double sided grilling/cooking:

  • Higher moisture retention
  • Reduced product weight loss
  • Better appearance of cooked foods
  • Higher cooking capacity in smaller space
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved client service
  • Higher profit due to quicker turnaround times
  • Energy efficient using less equipment

So how fast is it really?

  • 125 gram Smash Burger Patty cooked in 60 seconds
  • 110 gram chicken fillet cooked in 60 seconds
  • Toasted Sandwich toasted in 55 seconds

The Silex Range of Grills offer various features and installed Kilowatts to best match the optimal model for your business requirements.If you grill refrigerated products to frozen products Silex has the optimal installed power to grill your products in under 2 minutes for fast and efficient food preparation.


Model 610.90SA
Model T10AT
Model GTT10
Model S Series

2.8kW 240V

Digital Timer External
Analog control

3.0 kW 240V single plate
6.0 Kw 380V Double side by side

Internal Digital Timer x 7
Analog Thermostat

3.0 kW 240V single plate
6.0 Kw 380V Double side by side

9x Time&Temp programmable settings
Digital Temp Control top and bottom

3.0 kW 240V single plate
6.0 Kw 380V Single Plate
12.0 kW 400V Double Grill

All Analog or Full Digital Control
with Core Temp Probe
Model depending

Some classic Dishes Made on a Silex Grill

Smashed Beef Hamburger