Our blend was created as a 100% Arabica coffee blend to be enjoyed in your favourite cappuccino or Latte.
It’s an affordably priced blend that gives you a good coffee pure and simple, originating from Central America and Africa, this coffee is a beautiful start to the day!
The blend is a full bodied roast, with the beautiful flavours of brown sugars, sweet berries and roasted malts in your morning cappuccino fix.
Unbelievable, unbeatable uncompromising and affordable coffee to enjoy. Morning, day and night…

Automatic Small Office Coffee & Cappuccino Machines

Innovation Foodservice Worx (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive importer & distributor of the Melitta HoReCa coffee range
(Hotel Restaurant and Catering).
We also distribute the Melitta CAFFEO® range of small coffee machines.

Melitta CAFFEO® Barista TS offers fully automatic one touch Cappuccino drinks preparation.

Melitta CAFFEO® Solo
Melitta CAFFEO® Solo Perfect Milk
Melitta CAFFEO® CI
Melitta CAFFEO® Basrista TS

Coffee Only

240V, Water Tank

Coffee Only with Manual Milk

240V, Water Tank

One Touch Cappuccino preparation
manual bean selector 2 Hoppers

Can prepare Rooibos® espresso

240V, Water Tank

One Touch Cappuccino preparation
automatic bean selector 2 hoppers

Can prepare Rooibos® espresso

240V, Water Tank

Traditional Coffee Machines and Grinders

Fiamma has a comprehensive range of machines suitable from the basic coffee shop to the exclusive Coffee bar serving those sought after strange named & exclusive single origin espresso’s
that we all hear about of in the movies. The Blue Mountain’s (Jamaica), Red Bourbon’s (El Salvador), Pacamara, Apaneca-Ilamatepec (El Salvador)
no matter the bean we have the right machine to extract every ounce and nuance of flavour into your cup.

The Fiamma range of traditional Espresso Coffee Machines have the features and pricing to meet your requirements.

Prestige Range
Compass Range

Single Group entry level machine suitable for small coffee shop or office, where you need a good coffee solution with true commercial extraction.
Only available in single group, with water tank and oscillating pump.

Basic Entry Level machines suitable for the basic coffee shop requirements.
Volumetric water pump, direct water connection, single boiler and heat exchanger, available in 2 or 3 groups and Compact 2 Group.

Double boiler machines range suitable for the busier coffee shop requiring better control on coffee extraction in peak demands.
Large Steam Boiler and 0.8 lt coffee boiler for accurate coffee water temperature.

Pacific Range
Coffee Grinders

Multi Boiler machines suitable for the discerning coffee bar serving premium coffees requiring absolute extraction temperature control
Large Steam Boiler and 0.5 lt independent coffee group boiler for accurate coffee water temperature by group, adjustable for each type of coffee by roast grade or origin.

On Demand Grinders or Traditional Manual Dose Grinders
On demand grinders grind each dose (single or double) fresh when you are going to prepare a coffee…always fresh and fast.

Office Coffee and Self Service Vending Coffee Machines

Fully automatic counter top coffee machines
Fully automatic floor standing coffee vending machines and automatic snack vending machines

Gaia Instant Dispenser version
Automatic Self Service Instant Coffee & Creamer version

Gaia Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee version:
Automatic Self Service Bean to cup preparation
Milk Powder or the optional fresh milk version

– eight programable beverage selections

Wide variety of Self Service Coffee vending machines,
with Bean to cup powder vending and cup dispensing.
Wide range of Snack vending machines in the same style finish