Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Innovation Foodservice Worx (Pty) Ltd is the direct importer and distributor of the full range of Super Automatic
Coffee machines from Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions GmbH

The range of Melitta PCS includes the following Bean to Cup machines:

  • Melitta XT4
  • Melitta XT5
  • Melitta XT6
  • High Volume models available on request
  • Comprehensive range of Milk Coolers and accessories to match the machine to your requirements.

What ever your coffee based drink is the Melitta can produce it with the convenience of touching a screen or button…..

  • Espresso
  • Restretto
  • Americano / Cafe Crema
  • Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Mocha Caffe / Caffe Mocha / Moccacino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Hot Chocolate

and the list goes on….

All of the above in various sizes can be made by the Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions…it’s just a matter of telling our
trained technicians which drinks and sizes to program and you’ll be dispensing coffees in no time…

What are the benefits of a super automatic coffee machine?

  • Improved product consistency
  • Accurate portioning
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved speed of service
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Ease of use by all Crew and serving staff

Meet the Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions machine family …

Each Melitta coffee machine is hand built in Switzerland. The buyer can specify exactly what features they want built into the machine.
Every machine is mapped to the exact requirement of the establishment to ensure the required drinks needed are able to be made by the machine. You only order the features you need.

Years ago I would never have dreamt to use a super automatic coffee machine in a coffee serving environment. Today I wouldn’t start a hospitality business or coffee shop
without one???
Why you ask?? Well the answers are obvious…

The advances in material moulding, micro processor control and other electro mechnical engineering today has given us the ability to build a fully automatic brewing system that not only matches what a trained Barista with years experience can do, but with automation and technology we can actually produce better extracted espresso with a higher TDS value (Total Disolved Solids) than prepared with most manual espresso coffee machines.
A decade ago this was not possible.
Today with the Melitta XT range of super automatic coffee machines you can do this…at the touch of the screen or button.

Wastage is one of the biggest hidden costs in foodservice environment today, even with Grind on Demand grinders you have waste. More milk than is needed is used to prepare a cappuccino…so there’s always wasted milk. The Melitta range of super automatic coffee machines grinds only the coffee needed to prepare the drink and only froths or heats the milk dispensed into the cup.
No excess…no waste.

With the XT range of machines:
The exact programmed amount if coffee is ground to prepare the coffee….No over grind….No waste
Each drink’s tamp pressure and infussion time can be set for perfect extraction for the type of drink.
The exact amount of milk is used to prepare milk froth and hot milk for each Cappuccino or Late – No excess used…No waste
You no longer need specially trained staff…”Baristas” are specially trained to prepare coffee based drinks…the XT range can be programmed for a 1000 drinks at the touch of the screen….and each drink is prepared automatically without fail. With the Melitta XT range of Super automatic coffee machines you can get a handle on your coffee business and take charge to ensure effective, waste free coffee production in your establishment by each and every staff member.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions GmbH

No matter your coffee taste espresso, Americano, Cappuccino or “Black Coffee with Cold milk” our solutions will meet your taste needs….


Between the 25th parallel north and the 25th parallel south on our planet lies a very special region known as the “Bean Belt“. It stretches from South and Central Africa across East Africa and Asia to Papua New Guinea.

This is where you will come across the buyers for Melitta® coffee, always searching for the best-quality, best-tasting coffee bean varieties in the world. High-quality Arabica beans, which slowly ripen at an altitude of between 600 and 1,800 m, produce a wonderfully aromatic coffee.

Then there are the select Robusta varieties, which grow in lower regions and deliver “earthy“ notes to add to the coffee experience.
The many different varieties, climatic influences and growing regions produce a diverse range of aromas and qualities. To ensure that Melitta® can always guarantee the same exquisite coffee experience for all of our products, new blends are constantly created from around 8 varieties of coffee beans, sometimes more. After all, every coffee bean, whether it comes from Brazil or Vietnam, has its own individual strength and character.


Everything has to be “just so“ to enable the plant to grow and flourish and then bear fruit:

– Cultivation up to 2000 m above sea level
– Average annual temperature 20 to 25ºC
– Shelter from the wind
– No constant fierce sunshine
– Friable soil, rich in humus


Over the years, the Melitta® range has been expanded and the coffee blends have become increasingly refined.
The company has always moved with the times.

Today,we offer the perfect coffee experience to suit every taste and requirement – whether you prefer “whole beans“ or “ground“ coffee.
Would you like to offer your guests a potent and aromatic Espresso? The “Bacio d’Oro®“ or “Bacio Nero®“ would be an excellent choice.
You can make an exquisite Café Crème (Black Coffee) using, for example, “Monte d’Oro® aromatic“ or “Monte d’Argento®“ and a simply excellent aromatic filter coffee using “Hochland“ or “Special“.
What about a well-balanced, flavoursome coffee without any stimulants? Your guests will appreciate Melitta® mild decaffeinated coffee.

In 2010, we launched a new product for the “Organic/Fairtrade“ growth market: “La Tazza Verde® Espresso“, “La Tazza Verde® Café Crème“ and “La Tazza Verde® roasted coffee“.
These are three outstanding coffees, which are produced organically and purchased under fair conditions in the producing regions.
With Melitta® La Tazza Verde®, you can offer your guests the ideal coffee experience, with the emphasis on sustainability and health: 100 % Arabica beans + 100 % Organic + 100 % Fairtrade! Enjoy a spectacular selection of coffee, from exceptional Espressos, filter coffees, Café Crème and of course our Organic/Fairtrade range.
Melitta® wishes you and your guests a pleasurable experience!

MELITTA® LA TAZZA VERDE® ESPRESSO 100 % Arabica + 100 % Organic + 100 % Fairtrade!
MELITTA® LA TAZZA VERDE® CAFÉ CRÈME The golden-brown “Eco“ coffee.
MELITTA® BACIO NERO® The "Italian" Coffee

100% Arabica coffee beans from highland regions in South and Central America with particularly suitable climates. Italian roast.

100% ecologically farmed, 100% Fairtrade and then roasted in the typically Italian way! A sustainable coffee experience with a delicate note of tropical fruit and cocoa.An organic full-bodied Espresso or a delicious Cappuccino?



Cafe Creme:
The fine crema and mild nuances of taste are the distinguishing features of this coffee wonder. Medium Roast blend.

Cafe Creme:
With 100% Arabica beans from South and Central America, in 100% organic quality and 100% Fairtrade, we have created a lasting and exceptional coffee experience. A note of tropical fruits and cocoa rounds off this Café Crème variety for all the “organic fans“ of the new millennium… as well as those who aspire to become one…

70 % Arabica and 30 % Robusta beans from South and Central America, roasted the Italian way.

Bacio d’Oro (ital.: “golden kiss“) tastes aromatic, leaves tones of vanilla and caramel behind and is rounded off by a delicate note of almond. Producing this explosion of taste sensations…The best way of guaranteeing excellent Espressos and fantastic, well-balanced Cappuccinos …

Made from high quality Arabica beans and finest Robusta beans, selected from South America and Asia and roasted in the true Italian way.

Strong, nutty and with a hint of malt. With Bacio Nero, you will be serving your guests a typically Italian Espresso. The secret behind this power package is the high-quality Arabica beans and finest Robusta beans, selected from South America and Asia and roasted in the Italian way. A “black kiss“, which can spark true passion amongst your customers…

MELITTA® MONTE D’ORO® Espresso Cafe Creme Decaffeinated

100 % Arabica Beans from South and Central America, East Africa
Espresso – Dark Roasting
Cafe Creme – Medium roasting
Decaffeinated – Light Roasting

The powerful aromatic flavour will be enough to tell coffee connoisseurs that the beans are grown in the highlands. The dark roast produces the discreetly nutty notes, whilst the rounded, balanced body is captivating. Anyone who likes a strong Café Crème or an intense Espresso will fall for the charms of our “full-bodied“ coffee…
Cafe Creme:
Our “elegant“ coffee will captivate with its delicate fruity notes, leaving behind a hint of “citrus“. A smooth and delicious coffee experience!
Decaffeinated Coffee:
Many people believe that decaffeinated coffee is “no comparison“ with real coffee. We can prove that the opposite is true. You take a balanced blend, gently filter out the caffeine, roast the beans and enjoy a top quality coffee at the end of the process.

Made from the finest quality South America, Asia, East Africa 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, Medium Roast

For this blend, our experts turned to the coffee growers in South America, Asia
and East Africa.
The gentle roasting of the beans guarantees a well-rounded, aromatic taste.
There are nuances that are reminiscent of chocolate. Monte d’Argento is ideal
for preparing Café Crème and Espressos. It will appeal to all those who like their
favourite drink to be strong and intense.

100% Arabica beans from South and Central America, Medium roast

Cafe Creme:
Promises pure pleasure right from the very first sight, as the crema looks a fine
hazelnut brown colour with a hint of red. Seconds later, coffee-lovers will appreciate
the delicious mild taste, which comes from 100 % top quality Arabica beans.
The fine fragrance is also a result of the exquisite blend.
The beans produce the full-bodied, smooth aroma, which really comes into its own thanks to the medium roasting.
A nutty,slightly chocolatey note rounds off the composition, which is superb for making a medium-strength Café Crème, milky coffee, Espresso or Cappuccino.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions produce their coffee range in one of the most modern
coffee production plants in the world.

Utmost care is taken during the:
– Selection of raw beans
-Procurement of raw coffee beans
-Transport of raw coffee beans
-Selection and quality control of raw beans -Blending process
-Roasting process
-Curing of roasted coffee
-Packaging and Storage of Roasted coffee
-International distribution of roasted and packed coffee.